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I took Veritas GMAT Prep before I took MLIC GMAT and found MLIC to be the better of the two. Your GMAT Prep was structured, comprehensive, and effective. Veritas Prep was shallow and basically self-study. Thanks for excellent GMAT prep, MLIC. -- S. Hoffman, GMAT Prep, New York City

Best GMAT Prep Course to crack GMAT


MLIC Inc. leads the GMAT prep industry in offering goal-driven, skill-enhancing GMAT preparation courses taught by professonal GMAT trainers, not part-time, untrained amateurs. What sets MLIC GMAT prep courses apart from other, worthless GMAT course offerings are FOUR factors:
--Superior GMAT Training Methodology that focuses on imparting conceptual and procedural skills, and on delivering works-every-time Strategies for picking the correct answers so that you can take the GMAT competently and with enhanced confidence.
--The best and the most relevant GMAT Study & Training materials that are frequently updated to reflect the LIVE emphasis seen on high-difficulty GMAT problems.
--The best professional GMAT trainers who have over 10 years of teaching experience.

SmarTest® GMAT Prep Course


The Weekend GMAT Prep course features test-specific GMAT strategies and effective procedures for dealing with all 4 assessment areas of GMAT test. The redesigned GMAT prep course features
-- 21 hours of GMAT strategy training over 3 days - Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
-- The GMAT course features 8 modules of SmarTest prep covering AWA(2 hours), IR(2 hours), CR(2 1/2 hours), RC (2 1/2 hours), SC (3 hours), Data Sufficiency (4 hours) and Problem Solving (2 modules) (5 hours) for a total of 21 hours.
-- New Course Repeat Policy: The SmarTest® GMAT prep course carries a fee of $895. You can repeat the course within 6 months of original attendance by paying a reduced fee of $495 in USA/Canada. The fee in all non-USA and Canadian locations is $1,295; Reattendance fee is $695.

Objective of SmarTest® GMAT prep Course


The objective of SmarTest® GMAT weekend prep course is to provide intensive drilling in GMAT concepts, procedures, and strategies as they relate to high difficuly level questions appearing on the LIVE versions of the GMAT. Together with 100 hours worth of additiona GMAT Prep materials that you will receive, the SmarTest® GMAT prep course provides a comprehensive GMAT training package that allows you to hone your conceptual and procedural skills, learn effective GMAT test-taking strategies, and gain confidence and competence in the GMAT sections in order to be able to score better than 700 on the GMAT exam.
Who should not choose Weekend Intensive Prep: However, if you are rusty in Mathematics or need more extensive support in GMAT basics and in high-level GMAT concepts, then you should not choose the MLIC SmarTest® GMAT prep course. Choose MLIC GMAT Turboprep® course or GMAT Online prep instead.

Why MLIC GMAT is the best GMAT Prep course


MLIC is the only GMAT testpreparation company that offers a highly structured, relevant training for the GMAT, using questions reflecting the emphasis monitored on the current, LIVE GMAT problems, and back up the professional training with its industry-leading 620+ Score Guarantee. All other prep courses by companies such as Kaplan, Manhattan GMAT, Manhattan Review, Kaplan, Princeton Review, Testmasters, Powerscore, and other me-too's are tutorials taught by untrained, mostly unqualified student trainers who may not even have taken the GMAT, leave alone score in the 99th percentile.
VERITAS PREP hires its tutors by advertising on Craig Newmark's list ( and Vault, recruits them on the basis of phone interviews and skype auditions, and sends them out to 'teach' GMAT after watching in-house videos. By its own admission, Veritas Prep procures at least 10 of the 15 tests it "arms" you with from other vendors who sell the same products directly to you as well. MLIC GMAT outclasses Veritas Prep in every metric of comparison. You can find more expose of Veritas Prep GMAT courses in this independent review site.
Manhattan GMAT (which is now a Kaplan entity) also makes questionable claims about its instructor qualifications, offers unstructured, haphazard schedule for its OG-based tutorial sessions using unqualified tutors, uses about 20 hours of bench-warming sessions after you factor in early dismissals and breaks,and does not offer any guarantee. MGMAT is the worst prep course of the bunch of inferior training options offered by competitors.
Kaplan, Princeton Review, Testmasters, Powerscore, Manhattan Review all use unqualified student instructors who generally have not taken the GMAT, and offer the least training hours along with MGMAT. All these GMAT prep courses focus on teaching you a few 'tricks' that do not work too well in the new adaptive format of the GMAT, and can actually do you more harm than good. For example, when you work on Data Sufficiency, tricks and backsolving techniques taught by Kaplan, et al do not cut it; you need to have strong conceptual foundation and follow a well-defined procedure that MLIC will teach. GMAT Sentence correction is not just about idioms but about diagramming sentences and understanding the different elements built into it. MLIC will train you to be competent in all procedures, concepts, and application of strategies.
Read more about why MLIC GMAT bests all other prep courses and about how other GMAT prep courses such as Veritas Prep GMAT Review, and Manhattan GMAT fail to deliver the quality of training that MLIC GMAT prep does.

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You can learn more about the features of MLIC GMAT prep courses and what makes MLIC leader in GMAT preparation and training.

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SmarTest® GMAT Prep Modules

MLIC Weekend Intensive prep course for the GMAT requires all participants to complete 120+ hours of training in concepts, procedures, and strategies in three distinct phases as explained below. Completion of 120+ hours of training is critical to validating your Score Guarantee.

Pre-course GMAT Training

All participants in 3-day Weekend SmarTest® GMAT prep course will receive 50 hours of pre-course GMAT review materials. The purpose of pre-GMAT-class review modules is to let you get refreshed on the math basics, review the concepts and strategies that will be relevant to answering questions in both quantitative and verbal reasoning of GMAT test, complete 5 Analytical Writing Samples in analysis of argument, and be a state of readiness to learn procedures and strategies for dealing with high difficulty level questions in GMAT assessment areas training. You will receive instructions to download the GMAT precourse training modules usually within 24 hours of submitting your GMAT course Registration


MLIC GMAT Weekend prep course features 24 hours of in-class training sessions that run according to the following schedule in all U.S.A prep centers.
DAYHoursWhat is covered
Day 1 - Friday05:00P.M. - 08:30P.M.AWA, Critical Reasoning basics
Day 2 - Saturday09:30A.M. - 06:30P.M.Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Sentence correction, Integrated Reasoning
Day 3 - Sunday09:30A.M. - 06:30P.M.Quantitative assessment -- data sufficiency and problem solving; instructions for post-class training;
MLIC GMAT Weekend prep course runs according to the following schedule in all non-USA prep centers.
DAYHoursWhat is covered
Day 1 - Friday09:30A.M. - 05:30P.M.AWA, Critical Reasoning basics; critical reasoning tests
Day 2 - Saturday09:30A.M. - 05:30P.M. Reading Comprehension, Sentence correction; Integrated Reasoning; Quantitative concepts and tests
Day 3 - Sunday09:30A.M. - 05:30P.M.Quantitative assessment -- data sufficiency and problem solving; instructions for post-class training;

Post-Class GMAT Training

All SmarTest® GMAT prep course participants will receive at least 50 hours of GMAT post-class training modules. Additionally, you will be required to attend 2 Live Virtual Class sessions with your instructor (5 hours in total) to review Data Sufficiency and Sentence Correction tests. Your instructor will provide you instructions for when these sessions will be held (usually within a few days of last day of in-class GMAT prep), and how to connect.


MLIC Weekend SmarTest® GMAT prep courses are offered in several prep centers in the U.S.A and worldwide. Click Here to view the list of GMAT training centers in U.S.A and worldwide for GMAT Turboprep and Weekend intensive prep courses. The SmarTest® GMAT prep couse is not offered in India and U.A.E centers. To learn more about MLIC GMAT Online prep course, click HERE.

FEE for the GMAT Prep course

--The fee for the 3-day SmarTest® GMAT prep course in al U.S.A centers and Canadian prep centers is U$895. (GST will apply in Canada on the fee)
--The fee for the 3-day SmarTest® GMAT prep course in all centers in London, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney NSW is U$1,295.
--The fee for the Turboprep GMAT courses in U.S.A and Canada is U$1,495 (GST/HST applies in Canada)
--The fee for the Turboprep GMAT courses in London, Europe, Far East is U$1,695.
--The fee for the Turboprep GMAT courses in India is U$895. Turboprep GMAT course Fee in Dubai is U$1695.
--The fee for the GMAT Online Prep course is U$695.
--The fee includes charges for all GMAT training services, GMAT prep materials, GMAT pre-course and GMAT post-class training modules.
-- You can Register in MLIC GMAT prep courses here .

What is GMAT®

GMAT®, short for Graduate Management Admission Test, is a registered trademark of GMAC® (Graduate management Admission council), and is created and administered by Pearson Vue® GMAT is a standardized test that is a necessary requirement for admission to Graduate Schools of Business Administration and Management in U.S.A, Canada, and the rest of the world.

MLIC GMAT prep courses train you, using questions and problems reflecting the current LIVE emphasis monitored on the high-difficulty questions on the current GMAT administrations. MLIC GMAT courses train you to achieve scores of better than 700, the score required for admission consideration at A-list, top-tier Business schools. Remember that MLIC actually trains you to become proficient in GMAT assessment areas, not just OG-based tutorials as Kaplan, MGMAT, Princeton Review, and all other GMAT programs do. You can learn more about GMAT Test, assessment areas, score range, etc. here.

MLIC GMAT Online Prep


In addition to our in-class training sessions -- Turboprep® and Weekend prep course described on this page, MLIC also offers industry-leading Online prep course featuring Virtual classes. GMAT Online prep courses feature the same patent-pending training methodology and puts you through 120+ hours of no-nonsense, goal-driven, skill-enhancing preparation for and training in GMAT assessment areas. Our Virtual classes feature lectures and test reviews in small groups in order to simulate in-class experience. MLIC GMAT Online prep course is backed by the same industry-leading 620+ GMAT Score Guarantee. You will be guided through the training process by a dedicated, professional trainer who will actively coach you in order to get you primed for 700+ GMAT score. You can learn more about MLIC Online prep courses with Virtual Classes here.

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